We are an interdisciplinary research group based at the University of St Andrews. We aim to create a space for critical inquiry into cultural memory and how it relates to existing and future societal and cultural challenges in the twenty-first century. Our research comprises various perspectives, methodologies and theoretical frameworks, but at its core is a shared interest in interdisciplinary explorations of cultural memory. The research group seeks to bring together different approaches to cultural memory in an innovative way and to engage with both the academic community and the wider public.

Through the work of the Cultural Memory Research Group, we wish to:

  • meet researchers from across the University with an interest in the topic of Cultural Memory
  • facilitate collaborative work and the building of research partnerships initially within the university, but with a view to creating wider research networks in the future
  • address and promote awareness of the importance of memory to our understanding of important societal and human questions (such as identity, conflict, how we remember, etc.)
  • Influence public discourse on memory and its importance – engage in public debate and discussion
  • provide a forum for discussion of individual scholarship and collaborative work
  • explore the role played by different media in our understanding of the past
  • provide support for PG students and colleagues
  • Share expertise and support colleagues involved in funding bids related to the theme

Cultural Identity Studies Institute (CISI)