Reading Group I, Semester 1 2019-20

Wednesday, 16 October, 4pm – 5:30pm (UCO: Room 36) Our first meeting this semester focuses on the work of Ann Rigney on the Transnational Turn in Memory Studies. Prof. Ann Rigney, who will deliver a CIMS public lecture on 31 October. Her new ERC-funded research project, (REACT), seeks to connect practices of memory to hope … Read more

1st Brown Bag Session Sem 1 2019

Cultural Memory Research Group & CRSCEES present: Darya Tsymbalyuk (2nd year PhD student Modern Languages & IR) ‘Memory of Coal: From the Carboniferous Period to Industrialisation’ 25th of September, 1 pm, Quad 30 “Focusing on the case of Donbas, Ukraine, in this work-in-progress piece Darya will examine diverse narratives contained in a piece of coal … Read more

Moving Memories – CISI Postgraduate Symposium, 6th September 2019

Organised by Karunika Kardak (Department of Spanish) & Eleanor Crabtree (Department of Italian) Recent writing takes a view of memory as inherently trans-national, constituted by its relations with other times and spaces (Rothberg, Landsberg, Hirsch, Rigney). This encourages us to think of memories as moving or ‘travelling’ (Erll) – a perspective that seems to coincide … Read more

Semester 1 events at a glance

SEPTEMBER: PGR Symposium Moving Memories, organised by Karunika Kardak and Eleanor Fri, 6th Crabtree (UCO, Room 31) Brown Bag (25th) Darya Tsymbalyuk: ‘Memory of coal: from the Carboniferous Wed, 25th 13:00 Period to industrialisation’ (13:00, UWC Room 30) (UCO, Room 30) OCTOBER: Reading Group Discussion of work by Ann Rigney. Wed, 16th, 4- 5:30pm (UCO, … Read more