Reading Group I, Semester 1 2019-20

Wednesday, 16 October, 4pm – 5:30pm (UCO: Room 36)

Our first meeting this semester focuses on the work of Ann Rigney on the Transnational Turn in Memory Studies.
Prof. Ann Rigney, who will deliver a CIMS public lecture on 31 October. Her new ERC-funded research project, (REACT), seeks to connect practices of memory to hope in the possibility of bringing about change.

Readings (for links to the articles please click on the ‘Reading Group’ category):

• ‘Transforming Memory and the European Project’, New Literary History, Vol. 43, No. 4, A New Europe? (AUTUMN 2012), pp. 607-628, John Hopkins University.
• ‘Remembering Hope: Transnational activism beyond the traumatic’ in Memory Studies, 11:3 (2018), pp. 268-380.
• ‘Remembrance as remaking: memories of the nation revisited’, in Nations and Nationalism, 24 (2), 2018, ppm 240-257.

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